Somatic Exercise Sessions

Somatic exercise is a unique approach to relieving pain because it addresses the root cause. 
These slow, simple exercises work with the nervous system to release involuntary muscle tension and retrain unhelpful postural and movement patterns.  
Four Ways Somatic Exercise Will Help You 
- 1 -
Relieve Chronic Aches & Pains 
- 2 -
Release muscle tightness 
and stiffness
- 3 -
Reduce or eliminate pain medication
- 4 -
Find greater ease of movement 

How It Works

Meet with me online for your private movement lessons. Online lessons are easy and convenient.  All you need is a laptop or tablet, a WIFI connection, and a quiet space.
I will record our lesson and send it to you to practice the exercises on your own. 
  1. Initial 90-minute Session:  $90
  2. Additional 60-minute sessions: $75
  3. Package of 3 lessons:  $215 (save $10)*
  4. Package of 6 lessons:  $430 (save $20)*

Lauren Mayhew

Lauren is a Movement Educator trained in Essentrics, Yoga, Self-Myofascial Massage and Somatic Exercise.

She offers group Essentrics classes, and self-massage workshops in the Greater Boston area, and private somatic movement instruction online.

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