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A dynamic workout that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body


A self-care fitness format that uses therapy balls for self-myofascial release (self-massage)

Somatic Exercise

Slow, gentle movements that retrain your nervous system to release chronic tension and relieve pain

Urban Retreat

3-hour workshops incorporating breath work, self-massage, Essentrics, and relaxation



I leave every Essentrics class with more mobility and ease in my body. Lauren not only brings her years of experience to her teaching, she brings her warm and engaging manner which makes even a challenging class fun.


Somatic exercise is an invitation to reconnect with my body. With Lauren's steady guidance, I move with more ease and experience a transformation in my body with each lesson.


Lauren's self-massage workshop taught me simple techniques I can use for my own self-care, and to take an active role in my health and wellbeing.


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I am passionate about helping people to feel better in their bodies, and to live with greater ease and more vitality.

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Lauren Mayhew

Lauren is a Movement Educator trained in Essentrics, Yoga, Self-Myofascial Massage and Somatic Exercise.

She offers group Essentrics classes, and self-massage workshops in the Greater Boston area, and private somatic movement instruction online.

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