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Functional Movement Coaching for Runners

Move Better.  Run Better.

Work With Lauren

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The Retrain Foot Pain Method

The Retrain Foot Pain Method is a comprehensive step-by-step approach to resolve your plantar fasciitis, and other lower limb injuries, for good by addressing the root cause -- muscle memory and learned movement habits.


Lauren's method combines neuromuscular education and total body conditioning to improve your biomechanics, relieve your pain, and run with more freedom, joy, and ease.   




I suffered from plantar fasciitis and could barely walk without pain. I now run pain-free, and am back to running marathons. This program changed my life.  It’s as if I’ve found my owner’s manual and you helped guide me to it!



When I found you, I couldn’t even run a mile without pain.  I’m back to running pain-free and training for a marathon.  Your program brought the joy of running back into my life.



Finding you has brought back nearly pain-free runs. Now it’s just my muscles getting sore and tired.  I also feel so much better at the end of my runs.  Thank you for your help!

Private Lessons with Lauren Mayhew

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About Us

I am passionate about providing runners and active individuals with simple, self-maintenance tools they can use on their own to prevent and recover from injuries, improve muscle imbalances, enhance athletic performance, and move with more ease and fluidity. 

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