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Private lessons offer a customized approach for runners who want to prevent and recover from injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and IT band syndrome.


Lauren's method combines neuromuscular re-education and total body conditioning to improve your biomechanics and help you run with more freedom, joy, and ease.   


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I leave every session with more mobility and ease in my body. Lauren not only brings her years of experience to her teaching, she brings her warm and engaging manner.

Essentrics sessions in Boston


With Lauren's steady guidance, I move with more ease and experience a transformation in my body with each lesson.

Essentrics sessions in Boston


Lauren taught me simple techniques I can use for my own self-care, and to take an active role in my health and wellbeing.

Private Lessons with Lauren Mayhew
Coaching with Lauren Mayhew

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I am passionate about providing runners with simple, self-maintenance tools they can use on their own to prevent and recover from injuries, improve muscle imbalances, enhance athletic performance, and move with more ease and fluidity. 

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