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The Secret to Core Strength

Want to know the secret to developing core strength? Full body functional movement! That is, movement that uses your body as a coordinated system and mimics actions one would do naturally in everyday life - twisting, bending, reaching, pushing, pulling etc.

Watch children at play - most are naturally coordinated, strong, flexible and agile. They move their bodies in every plane. Their core muscles automatically know when to engage to support them and when to relax. As we get older and more sedentary, we move less and less, and typically in narrow, limited ways.

Working isolated muscle groups (e.g. doing lots of sit-ups) is not a form of functional movement and has no relationship to how we move in everyday life. Repetitive isolated movements might also have the effect of tightening your muscles.

Want a strong core? Find a full-body form of functional exercise that moves your body in a variety of coordinated ways on every plane.


Lauren Mayhew

Lauren is a Movement Coach and Educator trained in Clinical Somatic Exercise and Essentrics. She offers group Essentrics classes in the Cape Ann area, and private somatic exercise lessons both online and in person at her Cape Ann studio.

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